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Drawing, Drawing, Drawing, and Blogging


My name is Catherine Hosack and I am a caricature artist in Greenville, SC. I draw at weddings, birthdays, corporate and holiday events, fundraisers, and other special events. I LOVE my job and I share some snippets from my artist life here!


For more images and info visit my website and my Facebook page!

By Catherine Hosack, Mar 20 2017 09:39PM

Well, I've put it off long enough - I've GOT to get an Instagram account! And maybe a Twitter account and a SnapChat account and YouTube channel and a Tumblr. I always knew that I was just doing the bare minimum as far as social media was concerned, with just a Facebook account... but between my gigs, studio commissions, and invoicing/contracts/web agent accounts/wedding expos/all the other background stuff that goes into a small business, I just hadn't gotten around to it.


I am a bit concerned about content, however. Do I post the same things on IG and FB? Or totally different things on each account?

In order to kick off my IG account I'm thinking of getting a few ten-second-ish videos created, so I'm researching videographers in the area. (I don't want my videos to be SUPER polished or anything - amateur-style is fine because I think it's endearing, which is lucky because I can't afford wedding-style high-end videography - but I have only limited experience with video editing, so I still need to hire someone.)

So basically I'm in the throws of the beginnings of a project, which is always exciting. I have a notebook dedicated to the video project, with lists of ideas and sketches of storyboards for my ideas. (My favorite is so far is a series of short videos called "How NOT to draw a caricature" featuring myself doing things like creating a caricature by dumping a can of paint on a canvas.) I am hoping it will come together this year but we'll see.

Until next time!

By Catherine Hosack, Jan 4 2017 02:11AM

Well if there's anything I've learned from keeping this blog page .... it's that I tend to prioritize drawing and gigs over keeping a blog! Yes it's been a while since I've posted so I just thought I'd check in and verify that yes I'm still alive - and I mostly throw my images up on my Facebook page instead of here, so feel free to check in there for photos, snippets from my gigs, news etc!

In the meantime, here is a great blog post I just found while researching Markette markers. (I currently rely on Prismacolor art markers - I use the chisel tip AND the thin tip - but I like to research new markers options now and again.) I think this is the best marker review I've ever come across, since the author includes pictures of the marker tips AND sample sketches with each marker. I like how his review is fairly objective (especially when talking about bleed, firmness etc) but the author isn't afraid to comment on his personal favorites as well.

So long, till my next post! (Probably in a few months or so!)

By Catherine Hosack, Sep 25 2015 01:42AM

In June of this year I was honored to be a part of a creative wedding proposal in downtown Greenville! The boyfriend arranged everything so that I, and the photographer, were in Falls Park as he, his girlfriend, and their two dogs strolled into the park. While the photographer surreptitiously snapped photos from nearby, I drew their caricatures (under the pretense that I was just practicing and I needed some models.) I drew him down on one knee offering her a ring, with a speech bubble that said "Will you marry me?" And HER speech bubble was left blank, so that I could fill it in afterwards with her saying (hopefully) "YES!"

When I finished, I gave the Kristina - the photographer - the secret signal that I was about to do the big reveal so that she could be prepared to take the photo at just the right moment. (And no I won't divulge the secret signal!) Then I turned the paper around so they could see it. As she stared at the caricature, no doubt trying to figure out if his speech bubble was "for real" or not, he got down on one knee to match his own caricature's stance, and asked her to marry him. There were happy tears! There was a "YES!"

It was an awesome experience. Even the rain held out for us. (But yes, the boyfriend even had a backup rain location selected. He thought of everything.)

Kudos to Kristina from David & Kristina Photography for capturing the special moments even while hiding behind trees!

This was actually the fifth proposal that I have been involved in, as the hired caricaturist! Of course, every couple is different and each set-up is different. Sometimes it is arranged so that the boyfriend and I pretend like we know each other, and other times I pretend like we are strangers and am just doing free caricatures downtown. (In every case though, the girlfriends have never suspected anything - thank goodness I've had some acting experience so I know how to not give anything away!) This particular couple was SUPER adorable, as you can see from the images.

...I should note that I was 9 months pregnant while these photos were taken! I love drawing while pregnant or not, but I admit I wasn't crazy about wearing maternity clothes. I'm glad I can wear my regular Artist Outfit again.

By Catherine Hosack, May 20 2015 11:58PM

Time has flown by since my last post! I've enjoyed a busy Spring and now school is letting out, so there are typically a lot more daytime events than during the rest of the year. It's prime time for mid-day wedding receptions, corporate picnics, and daytime birthday parties!

That being said, I am not going to be working for the majority of June and July because I am due with Baby #2 in mid-June! We are SO excited to meet our new little one soon, although I am still sad that I have to say "no" to so many June and July fun events. Don't worry all, I'll be back and drawing in full force by the end of the summer!

In the meantime, I am trying to re-draw my self-caricature for a new business card design before the due date. It's harder than I would think, to draw my own caricature to my satisfaction! But it is way overdue because my current business card design has a self-caricature from several years ago; I've completely changed my hairstyle since then, and now I always wear a beret when working, too, so I need to add the hat.

Always something exciting going on! Cheers until my next post!

By Catherine Hosack, Feb 4 2015 04:41PM

I had a great time at the Upstate-area wedding festivals recently - I met a lot of cool brides-to-be and also gained some valuable information about other wedding vendors in this area. I think it's important to be able to provide recommendations for good vendors when talking to brides, grooms, and planners, so this was a highly important part of my participation in the festival. Here are some I would like to share:


I had actually known of Muse 10 Photography for years, but this was the first opportunity I had to talk face-to-face with David and Kristina, the people "behind the lens!" I adore their images, their professional and down-to-earth demeanor when discussing details with brides-to-be, and they also had a really neat set-up for their iPad so that expo visitors could view and enter information really easily. The photos here are images from their site - including one of me that they took at the Expo!


I am in love with Kathy's cakes. I think my favorites that I tried during the expo at the Greenville Hyatt was chocolate with chocolate-mint frosting, and then their red velvet cake. I had to stop myself from going back for more of their samples. (Luckily it was a bit of a hike from her booth to mine, so that helped dissuade me.) I had met with Kathy in the past and I admire her company a lot; she started the business using a building in her backyard (with a chef's kitchen in it) and now she is so busy that she can provide jobs to several people in the area to help her. And she still operates from that same building. I stopped by once; the shop behind her home is SUPER cute and she even gave me huge helpings of yummy cake samples during my short visit, so it made my day to see her at the expo.


I adore the country charm that this venue offers; it's a farmhouse prepared especially for weddings and other events and lies on a lovely piece of land halfway between Spartanburg and Greenville. With any luck I'll be able to draw there soon so I can experience the beautiful surroundings there myself!

I am already looking forward to the next time I have a booth in a wedding expo. I think the soonest I can do it is the upcoming Fall, so I will share more great vendors then!

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